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Vegetables for breast health? Breast cancer connection vegetables

Breast cancer is now get the most common cancer in women, putting the lung cancer epidemic in this graduate women. Although the exact causes of breast cancer are unknown, studies and statistics show that women at risk of developing breast cancer increases with age.

A fascinating new study suggests - not the end - not only a vegetarian diet good for the prevention of breast cancer, but also significantly improves the rate of a patient of breast cancer disease back to the shed.

You can run all the years since, think that eating vegetables just a measure of good health that was only the skinny Minnies and health nuts. Now, new studies show that eating vegetables is not only a preventive maintenance against many types of cancer but also greatly improve the chances of a woman returning Breast Cancer
once it went into remission.

It's not just the mere consumption of your leafy greens and colorful vegetables, it is also much consumed with the variety of vegetables, do so. The greater the variety, were the better the chances of women in the study to continue in remission and full recovery from his cancer.

Connection carotenoids

So what is the factor responsible for this improvement in the odds against the cancer returning? It is a tiny micro-nutrients, common in many vegetables, called carotenoids, which are believed to be responsible. The reason for this conclusion was that women who have not seen their return from breast cancer with high levels of carotenoids in their blood tested, while women who have not seen their breast cancer returning .

The same women, high levels of this potent antioxidant compound had been told they are not only consumed a vegetarian diet, but they also consumed a greater variety of vegetables in their diet, which in turn greater antioxidant in the bloodstream. This means a strong message against cancer: Eat vegetables, as your grandmother.

Cervical cancer - The Slow Killer

The mere mention of the word CANCER scares people without end. The causes of cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that are multiplying constantly to form a tumor, such as growth. But people are now aware more different types of cancer and carcinogens that cause them.

The people are very aware of breast cancer cancer, but another that targets the health of women worldwide is cancer of the cervix. The main problem that we see in this state is the late diagnosis of the disease. The symptoms are observed only at a later date, so this type of cancer is almost absent in the early stages. But now, with the spread of the consciousness to take people to get their care themselves controlled by the doctor.

One way to check for these types of cancer is the Pap test. This screening can identify precancerous changes. The cause of this cancer is human papilloma virus HPV also known. Meanwhile, there are vaccines available for this type of cancer.

This cancer can be detected are completely asymptomatic when the first steps. The symptoms in the later stages, such as bleeding and bleeding from the vagina contact. Advanced stages of this loss may indicate cancer, back pain, pelvic pain, anorexia and urine or stool leaking from the vagina.

The disease is among the venereal disease or sexually transmitted disease. Precautions to prevent cervical cancer is the use of condoms. The treatment is a surgical procedure in stages, and radiation and chemotherapy in the later stages.

With the awareness and the availability of vaccines, cancer is now controlled to some extent. This is the fifth most deadly cancer in women known to interfere with and has an incidence of 16 per 100,000 women. However, it is a drastic reduction in Pap smear screening is performed in almost all hospitals and health center.

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Cancer and Your Health

Cancer is not limited to a particular race of people, all races are known to be affected. Even animals, birds, fish and plants have similar plants. Cancer is more common in racing tip, at least in part, because the average lifetime, among them is longer and cancer is essentially a disease of old age. The cancer is more common in women because of the frequency with which the breast and uterus are affected. Everyone must know something about cancer and must undergo the necessary investigations to ensure that it is not a cancer in one form or another. This does not mean that each individual has cancer, but cancer is an opportunity to ask that everyone needs. It is necessary to understand the danger, and he is intelligent and courageous. It is important to know that even the most experienced surgeon can not help a person to obtain, even when the cancer is too advanced before it is discovered.

A localized growth of cells produces a local swelling in general as a tumor. Not all tumors are cancerous, some are harmless growths that can spread or tend to kill. Such excesses are to be as benign, whereas cancers are malignant. A benign tumor grows expansive, that is, it grows like a apple or mango on a tree. It starts small and grows larger. An invasive cancer that grows on the other side, that is, he sends his arm to stop at a distance of body parts and start new growths. When working on a benign tumor, a surgeon may remove him as a mother of a shell. When working on a cancer, but the doctor does not know how good the weapons have disappeared, because they can not be seen. Therefore, cancer (drums) must be removed (operation) at the beginning, before starting their spread of weapons.

Although our knowledge of the laws that regulate cell growth control and is particularly poor, much has been learned about the causes and control of cancer.

to many active substances are to "produce his cancer, such as certain chemicals derived from coal tar. Chemica1s addition it is now known to produce a complete exposure to X rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet rays of cancer in certain animals of susceptible species or individuals. Each stimulus in cancer because of the time. A toothache, for example, can be cancer of the tongue when she has a sharp or rough edges.

Green Tea and Cancer - Learn the latest research and information to improve your health naturally

As the medical world, was what cancer is and how it leads to death, there were millions of people out there say they know how to fix it or know why it occurs. These people have something to say, even if it is not the case.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for cancer and know even if we do, why to get the most of our members the disease. Health experts from around the world are still guessing about a lot when it comes to cancer. Is there an advantage with green tea and cancer?

The studies will be published on any type of cancer. A study has taken green tea. This study and research that was to go with him everything about prostate cancer.

They show green tea cures? No, they did not. It is, however, promise significant step towards the prevention of prostate cancer, which could mean the same for other types of cancer and prevention.

How can a simple plant, such as a catastrophic illness to prevent cancer? While many people have asked the same question.

Fortunately, some of those who ask, what are the researchers, more depth in the composition of green tea have been investigated. This research has shown that the presence of polyphenols are the reason for the health benefits of green tea have been. Polyphenols are the result of the antioxidant effect difficult you can get the green tea.

The reason why the work of antioxidants in the prevention of cancer is the same way, it is effective in preventing other diseases.

Antioxidants are the only way to slow down and stop, massive cell damage from free radicals. Cells of the body can be destroyed by oxygen. If too many are damaged, these cells into the changes that make sometimes lead to cancer.

Take a green tea extract supplement provide much of the antioxidant protection your body needs so much against the disease.

If you experience this kind of health benefits, then you have on the stick and find the best way to get the award. How do you know which one will be better when there are literally thousands who choose to?

Your best choice for a multivitamin is that a multivitamin. You should have a long list of vitamins and minerals and plant extracts such as green tea or milk thistle have.

You need specific additional nutrients, amino acids and trace elements as well. Then take the green tea and cancer? With more research, you will find a lot more about this great herbal tea.

Article Health Cancer

The remedy against cancer is still a long way, but it is something that science expects to happen possibly within the next few decades, medical research is to continue the war with the disease afflicting the human race forward. Although there are other terrible diseases, considers this the crown for the moment, given how often it is diagnosed. The three most common cancers among men in America are prostate, lung and colon cancer, while women are affected by breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer.

It causes more deaths per capita than any other disease, and the older one gets, the more you tend to fall ill, statistics show that the number of people worldwide every year cancer kills about 13 percent.

A remedy would be a sigh of relief there.

The reasons for cancer are triggered in the body, only theories, as it may be caused by many things.
Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells into normal cells grow body.These out of control and even penetrate into the surrounding tissues.

Benign tumors are not usually metastasize, are increasing, or threaten the body and organs like malignant (cancerous only) tumors, although it is possible for a malignant tumor that started out as benign. The cancer cells by radiation or toxins, for example, been transformed, and this creates a genetic abnormality in the cells, which then grow and divide.

Just to complicate matters further, it is possible to inherit genes that are in advance in order to dispose of and DNA replication defective gene. It seems that some people their genome are less vulnerable to the disease of contact, even if it does so harmful carcinogens in their bodies.

The worldwide problem of cancer, it is regularly studied throughout the world and broaden our knowledge on the subject. We always learn more about diseases and their effects on our bodies and our minds. We constantly try to understand why this disease attacks some and not others. We all want to know more about the causes of cancer, we can do to prevent this disease from striking to know.

It is now many believed that we could eat is responsible for many cases. Although this is not the case, what we eat has an impact on our overall health and long term. Some foods that cause these problems, they could be salt, saturated fat and dairy products. A high intake of calcium may be responsible for cases of prostate cancer in men.

Cancer can any body part of the bone, blood, skin or organs. The problem is that it is as insidious and a person may be some time before it is diagnosed. Cures for many types of recent years have made great progress and are more likely to succeed if the cancer is detected at an early stage. Cancer is not the death sentence it once was and some, although many of their various forms are incurable at this time to improve medical science.

Reality Check, cancer is not covered by most health insurance plans, cancer insurance to the rescue

There are 1.2 million Americans from cancer each year. Most insurance companies cover does not determine the disease "or" Critical Illness ". The costs of cancer diagnosis, operation or removal and treatment of cancer are enormous for the victims and their families. I should know, several members of my family had died of cancer in the past 13 years. Get insurance cancer may lead to an alleviation of such financial constraints and gives peace to you and your family.

What many people do not know, is the regular health insurance do not cover the treatment of cancer. While some measures include some diagnostic tests for cancer, or minimal treatment, they do not have the full range of treatments for cancer. Some treatments are very expensive. Travel expenses incurred in the middle of cancer treatment are not covered by insurance.

The wife of my friend had cancer, and thank God they survived. During treatment, she had to coordinate the transport of friends, to make him one of his daily care. This has caused a lot of pressure on my friend. After this experience three years ago, I bought an insurance policy that covers cancer in my family. I pay about $ 88 dollars a month. It would have been $ 47 cheaper, but I'm the type that returns all of my bonus for me after 25 years, less money has paid claims. So, if I did not apply, I get back all my awards. I am always amazed at how the plan is robust. He has a driver who pays $ 350 per pay to me if each of us need radiation or chemotherapy. This would cover me with work or missed rent, transport costs or to make friends in a way that I need help. You should not hire friends, but you can not file one friendship in the bank does not. My plan is virtually free because it pays for my wife and I have our annual cancer screening. He pays the higher of $ 50 or actual costs. Although I am a member of an HMO, I just get the itemized statement and send the application form. Since this is supplemental insurance I receive the payment, although I do not pay for the test.

Cancer insurance is a supplement to health insurance to ensure that the processing and incidental expenses are covered, should the disease occur. The coverage of such insurance can include:

• exception handling during an inpatient from the fact that one patient. This includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, medication, etc.
• Transport and accommodation costs, where the tumor from the city. The payment of travel expenses for specialists may also be part of reporting.
• Ambulance or Air Ambulance Service as required by the victim.
• full-time care facility and if the treatment is far from the residence of the victim.
• Reconstruction and the prosthesis can be a part of the insurance.
• Special diagnostic tests necessary to determine the type of cancer can be covered by the plan.

As mentioned above, deals with the assurance of cancer services and treatment that are specific to cancer. The price for this insurance may surprise you, it is very reasonable. The price depends on what included in the plan. Choose an insurance cancer should be taken with caution and should not be with what is included in your regular health insurance redundant.

Stages of ovarian cancer - Know the four stages and its effects on health

To find the best treatment for ovarian cancer, the physician must identify the stage of the tumor, whether it has invaded other tissues or when the cancer has spread to parts of the body. Tissue pelvis and abdomen are taken to further assess the rate of the tumor. Medical tests are scan results (X-ray machine, an image of tissues and organs), chest X-ray to see (in liquid or tumors), barium enema X-ray to see (the large intestine, if the areas of cancer are locked) and colonoscopy (the long tube and lit in the colon and rectum to see if the cancer has spread to this part).

Here are the stages of ovarian cancer:

Level 1 is the lowest level in cancer cells are found within one or both ovaries and it is difficult to identify because it looks like normal cells, cancer of the ovary. The first treatment option is to remove the tumor.

* Level 1a-ovarian cancer in a
* Step 1b-cancer in both ovaries
* Step 1c in one or both ovaries and cancer cells in abdominal fluid inside must be removed before or during surgery

Influence of Phase 2, cancer cells have spread, or both ovaries, other tissues such as fallopian tubes and uterus in the pelvis. The surgeon will try to shrink the tumor as much as possible. After surgery, chemotherapy is to follow the procedure and may take up to six cycles.

* Stage 2a - the cancer has developed in the uterus or fallopian tube
* Stage 2b has a cancer in the pelvis (the spread of the bladder or rectum)
* Stage 2C-cancer has increased in other tissues in the pond

For stage 3, cancer cells outside the abdomen and pelvis (found in the liver or lungs). Also found in the lymph nodes, groin or behind the uterus. The goal of surgery is to reduce the tumor over 1 cm and disappear. When cancer has spread to the intestine, the organ must be removed also.

* Step 3 - cancer growths can be found in the lining of the abdomen
* Step 3b - the extension of the tumor visible on the wall of the abdomen approximately 2 cm or less in size.
* Step 3c - developed tumors larger than 2 cm to lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, behind the uterus or the groin.

The most advanced and dangerous stage of the cancer cells have spread to four remote sites in completely different organs of the body including the lungs, liver and other parts outside the abdominal cavity. It's not curable, and the goal of treatment is to help patients live longer and relieve the pain of their illness.

The accuracy of laboratory tests and staging of the tumor may determine whether the disease is curable or not. The physician must explain to the patient, perform all necessary procedures for the basis of the extent of the tumor.